Preview: The Art of Spray Paint Exhibition opening @WALLWORKS March 31, 2017 22:06

Curator, Author, Manager, and all around amazing person Lori Zimmer will be hosting a grandiose opening party tomorrow night at legendary graffiti artists Crash's gallery Wall Works in the Bronx, NYC.  Lori will be celebrating the release of her new book "The Art of Spray Paint" and feature near before pieces on  exhibition and for sale by artists such as CRASH, Logan Hicks, Nick Walker, Hueman, Joe Iurato, Ian Kuali’i, PichiAvo, Remi Rough, Zac Braun, BR163 and Matt Eaton.

Wall Works NY is pleased to present The Art of Spray Paint, a group exhibition curated by Lori Zimmer. Zimmer’s recent book of the same name was released in January of this year with Rockport Publishers, and delves into the history and diversity of artists working with spray paint.

From the first conceptual experimenters in the 1960s to the graffiti movement and into modernity, the book follows the adoption and adaptation of spray paint by artists working across various genres in the fine art realm.

The exhibition features originals from selected artists from the book that utilize spray paint in unique ways in their work, including stenciling, freehand spraying, mixed media and paper cut, abstraction, and even manipulation of spray paint with brushes and other tools.

The Art of Spray Paint exhibition will feature original works by Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato, Hueman, Matt Eaton, Remi Rough, Ian Kuali'i, Nick Walker, Zac Braun, CRASH, PichiAvo and BR163. Limited copies of the book will also be available at the gallery.

Opening Saturday, April 1, 2017, 5-8pm
Wall Works New York, 39 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx

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