OPENING: Amy Hood "CAUCHEMAR" 08/12/16 @ Okay Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn December 7, 2016 14:36

Tomorrow night!

Okay Space will be presenting their last opening of 2016 with Amy Hood, CAUCHEMAR.  Showing from 7pm - 10pm.

From artist and creative powerhouse Amy Hood comes CAUCHEMAR, a ten-part series of reliefs in Hood's unique "Nightmare Deco" style. The CAUCHEMAR collection presents a window into the surreal, super-saturated, and slightly sinister dreaming mind of a retro-tainted soul trapped in modern culture. Each 30x40 inch large scale hand-carved linoleum block print deploys ink on black cotton paper with end results that reverberate in color, whilst echoing a sense of fantasy and tragedy that are inventively unique.

With geometric observations inspired by the art deco aesthetic and the works of Len Lye, David Lynch and Saul Bass, CAUCHEMAR marks Amy Hood’s gallery debut.

“CAUCHEMAR is the nightmare of life, creative optimism in the face of so many hardships. Stills from a dream, those vibrant and dizzyingly viscous visions you see on the backs of your lids when you close your eyes or geometric reinterpretations of a surreal reality. They’re an observation of shape, texture and especially color that is an extension of my heart, measured by brain and fueled by my visceral fire.” — Amy Hood

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Okay Space 

281 North 7th Street #1 
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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