The Art of Cardboard - Lori Zimmer January 18, 2016 19:06

Breathe new life into that old cardboard box! Though paper and cardboard seem common and humble materials, discover the totally unexpected, beautiful and intricate art that can be created using the re-purposed and up cycled resource.
The Art of Cardboard showcases the grand and imaginative scale of cardboard art and design. Inside, you'll find jaw-dropping cardboard creations from around the world! You'll discover the process of each art form, as well as tricks of the trade, from small clever projects to huge art installations.
Much more than a book about "neat" cardboard designs, Lori Zimmer guides you through amazing large-scale art production, immersive environments, working from intuition, collaboration, the artist's role in society, alternative creative economies, contemporary mythology, storytelling and more.
Featuring: Andy Barrett, Cardboard Box Office, EVOL, Lacy Barry, Wayne White, Ann Weber, Jillian Salik, Jozef Sumoichrast, Joseph DeLappe, Laurence Vallieres, Mykl Wells, Taro Hattori, Kiel Johnson, Chris Gilmour, Don Lucho/Luis Valdes, Dosshaus, Daniel Agdag, Maika’i Tubbs, Mark Langan, James Grashow, Muffinhead and DIY projects by Logan Hicks, Beau Stanton, Ian Kuali’I, James Heffron, Jud Bergeron, Lacy Barry, James Cerasani, Rebecca Paul and Jeronimo Zancaner, and Robin Redd.
Personally I really had no idea that such cardboard masterpieces existed, and could run the gamet from simple and clean, to extreme with realistic detail.  The photographic work and layout of the book does an excellent job of pulling the reader into the 3D work of cardboard art, while staying true to the 2D format. 
Some of the artists such as Laurence Vallieres with his apes, monkeys, elephants , and skulls pushes the boundaries of realistic to the point that is surreal (these must be unbelievable in person). 
While conversly artists like Taro Hattoti chose a simpler stripped down style which Zimmer eliquently describes as to "arouse a sense of the vulnerability of human life, stressing the impossibility of exercising control over fate".  While other featured artists such as Dosshaus, Wayne White, and Evol find their works in a limbo in-between the realistic and surreal. 
There are frankly to many artists in this publication delving into so many different areas of creativity to truly do justice in this write-up... all I can say is that this book is the perfect read for anyone who is intrigued with the visual arts and the DIY spirit pushed to its limits.  It has not left my coffee table for months and is constantly enjoyed by all who pick it up and then loose track of time while marveling at it's pages.  Sorry to ruin the surprise friends but this most likely will be what your getting from me for your birthday's this year.

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Author: Matthew A. Eller
Twitter: @ellerlawfirm