COVERAGE - New York City Comic-Con 2015 - NYCC - Oct. 8-10 - Javits Center, NYC October 12, 2015 15:40

I have been attending NYCC and SDCC for almost 10 years now and it's growth in popularity never ceases to amaze me.  Of course The main hall is filled with more and more giant corporate sponsors each year... But there is still plenty of content for the hardcore fans, and of course the cosplay did not disappoint.

This years guests and exclusives included toys, prints, and originals from Ron English, Tara McPherson, and Chris RWK to name just a few of the literally hundreds of artists...

There is not really much to say that the photos below don't explain on their own.  Be on your toes the next couple weeks as the NYCC exclusives that did not sell make their way online.  Good hunting and enjoy!

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Author: Matthew A. Eller
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2015
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